For well over 40 years, and now more than ever, given the rapid growth of the market, it is essential to support the customer in case of problems or in case of need during the installation or use of the product. For this reason, in ZEAT we follow all the technical assistance on the products we supply directly with internal staff in our laboratory. Our technicians are trained to assist both in cases of software and hardware problems, depending on the type of product. In addition, if we have a secessary, we have staff for on-site technical assistance.


Customer requests led us to carry out a large part of the software technical assistance via remote assistance. We’re always up to date with the most modern remote desktop solutions in order to guarantee safe and reliable connections, using softwares with TLS1.20 technology and asymmetric RSA 2048 cryptography. We are able to provide assistance to our customers no matter what device s/he uses, whether it’s Windows, Linux, Free BSD, Mac OS, iOS, and Android. This way, our technicians can quickly offer assistance verifying the problem and solving it in the fastest and most efficient way possible. However, we can also provide ONSITE technical assistance in case of need, which is still essential for some types of assistance.


The hadware tech support division, in relation to the product in question, can follow both the electrical/electronic part and the mechanical/physical part of a product. In our laboratory we have all the tools needed to perform first level electronic diagnosis and/or repair. We have in our instrumentation laboratory to perform first level diagnosis and / or repair, as regards the electronic part, while for the mechanical part our technicians have great experience in installations and ONSITE assistance that allows you to support the user in this too juncture. Our technicians thoroughly study all the new products that we distribute so that we can assist the customer “step by step” right away. Thanks to the excellent relationship of trust that has always been created with our suppliers so far, we have access to all the sensitive information available to the mother of the product and we are typically the national technical support for almost all the products we deal with.


Some of the products we distribute are closely related, for our client companies, to comply with legal regulations and must be treated with high professionalism, assistance and dedicated training. We have personnel authorized by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport to train staff according to specific managerial ordinances. Furthermore, thanks to the experience gained over the years by working with these companies, we also provide specialist advice in the case of DPL checks, verifying and preparing the company for inspection. A fundamental point is the prevention of fines by checking the procedures that are carried out in order to prevent any sanctions.